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Cost: $149


Do you have a child who is always asking you for money? Let us teach them to earn their own. The Young Boss Workshop is designed to help your child develop:

1. Clear goals

2. Character and leadership skills

3. Money and time management skills

4. Self esteem

5. A passion for serving others.



Those who dream we call dreamers

Those who do we call entrepreneurs


Question: What is Young Boss?

Answer: Young Boss is an entrepreneurial workshop for children in Elementary, Middle and High school.

Question: When are classes offered?

Answer: Classes are held in the fall, spring and summer.

Question: Where are classes held?

Answer: Classes are currently offered as after school program at 22 elementary schools in the Leander Independent school district (LISD). Please check their website for class offering and registration. If your child does not attend a school in LISD, please talk to your local school principal about adding the Young Boss Workshop to their list of afterschool offering.

Question:Would your company or organization be interested in hosting a private customized version of the Young Boss Workshop?

Answer: Please email or call our office to book an appointment for a 5 minute preliminary overview by phone.

Question: What is the duration of the Young Boss Workshop?

Answer: The Young Boss Workshop is held 2 hours once a week, Monday to Friday depending on school preference for six (6) weeks.

Question: How much does it cost for my child to attend the workshop.

Answer: The cost for the workshop is $149 per person

Question: At what age do you start accepting participants?

Answer: The Young Boss Workshop is designed for children Third Grade Elementary to High school.  Each school category will be thought the same content but delivered age appropriately.

Question: How can we volunteer?

Answer: Please email us at kingsalute@kingsalute.com for information about volunteering.


COST: $149


Have you ever dreamed of starting or owning your own business doing what you love? Let us teach you how to do so in a fun and easy way. Boss Class is designed to help you develop:

1. Clear goals

2. Character and leadership skills

3. People, money and time management skills

4. Self-esteem and Self-significance

5. A passion for serving others.



cost: $149


Oh the places you will go! Do you have a child who likes to cook? Let Food Passport take their minds and taste buds to some of the most exotic places and experience some of the finest cuisines in the world. Food Passport is a cooking workshop designed to provide parents/guardians with a safe and nurturing after school environment where their child/children can develop:

1.) Clear goals

2.) Character, team building and leadership skills

3.) Cooking and food etiquette skills

4.) Respect for cultures around the world

5.) A passion for serving others through cooking.


Congratulations! Today is your day to experience the world through cooking. Food Passport in Hand? You are off and away


cost: $225


Do you have a child that could benefit from speed and agility training for their specific sports?

MPP(Maximum Peak Performance) SPEED CAMP is a proven proprietary training system designed and developed to do just that. Our proprietary system of speed mechanic drills and agility exercises are guaranteed to improve and increase an athlete's overall speed and quickness.

What they will learn:

1.) Purpose and posture for sports specific speed mechanic drills

2.) Purpose and posture for sports specific agility exercises

3.) Primary muscle development for sports specific exercises 4.) Tips and training to increase workout productivity

5.) Self-awareness, Self-esteem and self-significance


cost: $125/wk


The MIX is the premier onsite afterschool care for any working parent who desire peace of mind in knowing their child is in a safe and nurturing environment after school dismisses until they re-unite.  

At the MIX, we deliver 3 hours of awesome programming facilitating 6 amazing, stimulating body and mind activities for your child to engage in alongside wonderful staff and peers mixing and mingling in a safe friendly and fun filled environment.

Our Three-Six-Mix is as follows:

  • Social Mix-a set time for your child to relax and mingle with staff and peers as they discuss topics relevant and important to them that day or one chosen by Mix-Instructor.
  • Tutor Mix-A set time for your child to work on homework or class  assignments
  • Treat Mix – A set time for your child to enjoy a snack with their peers.
  • Game Mix- A time of character and leadership development in which your child will interact  with their peers playing some of their favorite games.
  • Active Mix- This is a time set apart for your child to burn some calories doing some form of safe fun physical activity.
  • Art Mix-A time set apart for your child to bring out their creativity performing a fun art related activity for the day.



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